4 Health Benefits of Wearing a Cooling Vest

Wearing a personal cooling vest has several benefits for people in various industries where they are exposed to long periods of heat. By keeping them comfortable, people are able to function and perform much better, adding to productivity. Any heat-related conditions can be avoided. Athletes are less prone to injuries and post-workout soreness. Even people suffering from MS (Multiple Sclerosis) can benefit from the comfort a personal cooling vest provides, since MS can flare up in hot conditions. Here are some of the benefits and advantages in more detail.

1. Weight Loss

There are different vests for different occasions and there is some scientific evidence that suggests ice can help a person lose weight. There are special vests where you can place ice packs within the vest to help a person lose weight. The thinking behind this is that the body expends energy in maintaining a normal body temperature, so adding ice to the equation will make the body burn more energy and thus, more calories. This particular model was invented by a University of California professor named Wayne Hayes and shows much promise. Of course, you still need to eat a healthy diet and get exercise as well to help you lose weight!

2. Heat Stress Management

In a worksite on a hot day, it’s really important to manage heat stress. Some people can suffer from heatstroke or be overcome by total exhaustion. Even if workers are fine, they are still going to feel the strain of the heat. It can be incredibly draining and productivity levels naturally plummet. Special vests can help to fight this off. Using cutting edge innovative technology, the wearer keeps cool when his body heat in combination with the surrounding air makes the water in the vest evaporate. Workers stay cool, comfortable and production rates increase with little to no medical emergencies.

3. Athletes Working Out

Athletes working out and training in the heat are less prone to injuries when they use cooling vests. It can also help them recover faster. Cooling affected areas quickly is a key benefit. Cooling vests help fight against heat stress and fatigue. By keeping your core cooler, it can enhance your performance.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

MS and a hot day just do not mix. Staying cool is important so that their bodies do not end up getting a list of symptoms a mile long. MS sufferers may not want to be held back by any walls as they look to enjoy themselves. Getting the right cooling vest may be a bit of a trial and error process. However, getting one can really reduce those unwanted symptoms. What a wonderful feeling that will be! If your insurance doesn’t cover it, don’t give up. Hopefully, you can find an answer so that you receive some kind of coverage.