4 Health Features of the Apple Smart Watch

The Apple Watch is the perfect companion for those looking to improve their overall physical health. Like Apple’s other devices, the Apple Watch is a powerful smart device with access to an enormous quantity of apps through the App Store. The available apps combined with the built-in capabilities of the Apple watch create the perfect companion and tool to help you on your way to a healthier body.

In order to get the most out of the Apple Watch, it’s ideal to pair it up with an iPhone. The watch can receive and answer calls made to the iPhone, and share data between the various apps on either device. In fact, the watch interfaces well with most Apple services, which can expand its capabilities significantly. Technical specifications aside, we’ll be focusing on the Apple Watch as a health and exercise assistant.

1. The Apple Watch tracks your movements

One of the most immediately noticeable features of the Apple Watch is that it traces your movements throughout the day. While at first glance this can seem superfluous, understanding how you move about the world on a day to day basis is vital to establishing a baseline of exercise.

After the device establishes a baseline, it’s capable of setting goals to improve on. Simply being more active is often the first step in establishing a healthier lifestyle, and the movement tracking features are wonderful motivational tools.

2. It monitors how many calories you burn

While tracking your movements throughout the day, the Apple Watch can take that data and translate it into an estimate of how many calories you’re likely to have burnt during your periods of activity. Understanding how many calories you burn throughout a normal day is a helpful piece of information when looking at your diet and exercise goals.

While its impossible for the device to give an exact accurate number due to the uniqueness of every individual, it can serve as a great guideline to work from.

3. The Workout App

Using the Workout App, you can initiate a variety of workouts and easily track them using the watch. The app comes with a decent selection of workouts and can be used to set goals and track the results of any exercise activities. Some goals you can set are time, distance, and how many calories you want to burn.

It’s also possible to set no goal, and simply use the app to track your workout data. After having used the app, the next time you open it, it will helpfully display the most recent workouts you’ve done, so you can compare and keep track easily.

4. The Health App

The Health App is quite possibly the most powerful health related tool the Apple Watch has to offer. As apps collect health information, they can store that information within the Health App. As you accumulate data through your workouts, the Health App will keep track of it, and more importantly, share it with any additional apps as if you choose to. Apps outside of the Health App can directly interact with it, supply it with or receive data from it, and analyze data within it.

This means that the Health App is the central piece of the puzzle for the Apple Watch’s suite of health-related tools. But the possibilities don’t stop there. After becoming well acquainted with the initial set of tools provided, the App Store provides a whole host of additional apps that can assist with health and exercise, while also working alongside the Health App.

With a bit of set up, it becomes possible to analyze sleep, monitor your heart rate, and constantly keep track of how many calories you’re burning throughout the day. The possibilities are endless, so if you’re looking for the perfect workout buddy, the Apple Watch may be just what you need.