4 Ways to Enjoy Cycling With A Health Condition

Getting your bike out and taking it for a spin regularly is not only a freeing experience but very good exercise as well. A good bike ride is often touted to be a great form of cardio, and those looking to improve their health, or even just maintain their health, often gravitate towards cycling.

Although cycling is relatively low impact thanks to the control afforded to the cyclist, there are some with health conditions that make exercise more difficult than normal.

Conditions such as asthma, knee pain, and others that limit a cyclist’s ability to exert themselves can hinder the experience of riding a bike and even make it undesirable entirely. What’s worse is that many of these conditions, although exercise limiting, can be improved by improving one’s overall health. The fun and health benefits of a good bike ride should be available to be enjoyed by all, and thankfully, there’s a way for those who need a bit of extra assistance to get back out there too.

Electronic bikes, or E-bikes, have been around for a while now, but in recent years they’ve become much more common and affordable. E-bikes are very similar to normal bikes but come equipped with an additional electric motor which can assist with cycling. The assistance provided by a good e-bike can make cycling a great experience again, and below we’ll highlight specifically how they can benefit those who need a bit extra.

1. They’re Still Great Exercise

As previously mentioned, cycling is a phenomenal way to improve your cardiovascular health. It may come to mind that the presence of a motor would hinder the health benefits, but in practice, the health benefits remain the same, and sometimes even improve. Studies have shown that the average e-bike user is more likely to use their bike regularly, thanks to the added convenience of the motor.

This means that e-bike users on average spend more time cycling than most. Although a motor is present, cycling is still an essential part of going for a ride. The motor may reduce the amount of cycling needed, but thanks to the increased frequency of use, the benefits remain about the same.

The motor also allows for those who would otherwise struggle to really cycle with any frequency, to more easily take advantage of cycling as an exercise activity. In cases such as these, e-bikes provide a superior form of exercise, simply by virtue of being possible.

2. Effortless Storage

Depending on the type of bike you own, storing it can be somewhat difficult. Bikes can often be a bit heavy, and this can be particularly problematic for a variety of health conditions. The weight of an e-bike can vary from heavier, to lighter than a standard bike. The main storage benefit afforded to many e-bikes, however, is that they’re often foldable, or more easily manipulated in a variety of ways for storage purposes.

3. Tackle Difficult Terrain Easier

Health conditions can make taking on a hill seem like an insurmountable task. Even a healthy, frequent cyclist can struggle with an average hill if they’re just little more worn out than usual. E-bikes can use their built-in motors to take down hills much easier than a normal bike. Large hills can still be a bit of a challenge, but the motor makes handling hills and difficult terrain more achievable for those who would otherwise struggle.

4. Independence and Freedom

Cycling isn’t just a healthy form of cardio, but a great way to relieve stress. Mental well being is just as important as physical well-being, and cycling is helpful for both whether you’re using a traditional bike or an e-bike. Cycling allows anyone with a bike to enjoy feeling free and independent, and that’s definitely something worthy of having access to.

Electric Bikes allow anyone, no matter who they are, to enjoy cycling. So whether you’re looking to improve your health, or just looking to get back into cycling, an e-bike is a great way to do it.