5 Career Facts About Dental Hygienists

In today’s competitive job market, it is critical to invest in your education in order to set yourself apart. With so many options available though, it can be challenging to find a program that will make sense in the long-term. Luckily, there are a few solid options that offer many stable benefits, and dental hygiene is one of them.

Attending a dental hygiene continuing education program is a great way to ensure you’ll be able to find gainful employment, and be challenged in your career without being too stressed up. Not to mention, a career in dental hygiene provides a unique opportunity to positively impact the oral health of every person that comes into the dentist’s office.

1. You will have solid job security

Unlike many other fields of work that are suffering from high levels of unemployment, the demand for dental hygienists is on the rise. As the population increases and preventative health care, including the health on one’s teeth, becomes more and more of a priority, more dental hygienists will be required to fill the demand.

Anyone who has faced the possibility of unemployment before understands how meaningful it is to be free from worry about the future of your field.

2. You will be well compensated

If you’re feeling underpaid in your current position, it would be idea to continue your education with dental hygienist training. Unlike other programs that are expensive and offer little security for good pay down the road, people working in dental hygiene receive high compensation for their work.

In addition to a competitive salary, many dental hygienists get employee benefits and bonuses from their employers. Of course, salaries vary depending on specialization, location, and experience, but even a starting salary is relatively high compared to the national average.

3. You will have a flexible schedule

Finding the right work-life balance is becoming an increasing important priority for people across the country. In addition to social and family obligations, many people want time to pursue their own interest and passions outside of work.

When you work in dental hygiene, you can enjoy flexible work hours. You can work either full time or part time, depending on your needs. Dental offices are open days, evenings, and even weekends, so you can find work that suits your scheduling needs.

4. You can decide to be your own boss

An aspect that appeals to many people considering whether or not dental hygiene might be the right career path for them, is the possibility of becoming self-employed. Although some dental hygienists are employed by the dentist they work for, other’s have several clients and operate their own business.

Deciding to be self-employed means that you can split your time between more than one dental office or even operate a mobile dental hygiene clinic and see patients in residential care facilities, community health centres, or other locations around your community. Deciding to pursue this path means that you will have full control over your schedule and hours. You can choose who you work with, and can work more or less depending on your current needs.

5. You’ll never be bored

As a result of the fact that dental hygienists perform a wide variety of duties and deal with all sorts of different patients, you can rest assured that no two days will be the same. Many dental hygienists enjoy the relationship they develop with return clients and are even able to help people overcome their fear of visiting the dentist in the first place.

Working with people in a preventative health capacity provides fulfilling and interesting employment.