5 Tips to Keep Your Nursing Scrubs in Good Condition

Taking care of nursing scrubs poses quite a challenge. They do tend to wear out pretty easily. Nobody wants to keep spending money to replace these uniforms, so the best way to deal with it is to take good care of it so that it lasts longer.

Nursing scrubs need extra care, unlike your other clothes. You need to make sure that it is in good condition for your next shift. It certainly can be done, so here are some tips to help keep your nursing uniforms in great condition.

1. New Scrubs Need Pre-Treatment

Whenever you get new nursing scrubs, you need to pre-treat it before you wear it. You can wash it in a sink with cold water with some vinegar; about half a cup of vinegar should be enough. This is a way of setting the colours. If you do this, it will help prevent the scrubs from fading over time.

2. Wash Scrubs Separately

Try not to throw in your scrubs with your other laundry. If you want to do the job right, you need to wash it separately because it’s a little different from washing your normal laundry. You have to thoroughly disinfect your scrubs.

3. Removing Stains

As a nurse, you may be subjected to all kinds of stains. Most nurses will go through this. You need to use a colour-safe stain remover before you wash your scrubs. This way, you can remove the stains, but more importantly, it does not cause any fading of colour. Whenever there are stains, always remove them first before you wash your scrubs.

4. The First & Second Wash Cycles

Once you’re done with the stain removal process, your first wash can be done with a regular detergent and cold water. Turn your uniforms inside out and use a regular cycle. Check for any stains before doing the next cycle. With the second cycle, use hot water and colour-safe bleach.

Pour in about three-quarter cup of colour-safe bleach into the dispenser of the machine, or into the water, if there’s no dispenser. The use of bleach will do a great job of disinfecting your scrubs. When it’s time for drying, use the highest heat setting on the dryer for half an hour. If any bacteria are still present, this should finish them off!

5. Ironing

Even though your scrubs look great after all this, don’t forget to use an iron. It will give the uniform a neat and tidy look but also, it’s one more step in eliminating bacteria. Remember, you are in a vocation where you deal with some really sick and vulnerable patients. The more you take the responsible steps of getting rid of bacteria, the better it will be for the patients you care for. You need to do this diligently, as it is something that can be overlooked.

Other precautions you can take include checking a final time before folding your scrubs and putting it away and also wearing it only at work. You may have seen others coming to work or leaving, wearing their scrubs. If you only wear them at work, they will last longer. Don’t spray perfumes directly onto your scrubs as this could cause some staining. Do all of these things and your nursing scrubs will look good and last longer.