5 Warning Signs You Have An Unsanitary Office

You might not realize it, but the cleanliness of your office is actually important to your business. There are many benefits to a clean office space—and many disadvantages to a filthy one.

Not sure if it’s the right time to invest in professional office cleaning? Check out these five signs you need a cleaning service immediately. If they ring true to you, you know what step you should take next.

1. You Don’t Have Time to Do It Yourself

If you’re an entrepreneur or the owner of a small or mid-sized business, you might take on the cleaning duties yourself. Of course, start-ups and small businesses have small budgets and razor-thin profit margins. It can be tough to decide to invest in cleaning services. After all, they aren’t going to generate any revenue for your company.

So, instead, you clean the office yourself. Except, you’re busy. You’re running a business! You’re wearing multiple hats and you barely have enough time to manage all your core business activities, let alone clean the office.

So, week after week, you neglect to clean the office, and the dirt piles up.

Your time should be spent on your growing company—not on cleaning. A professional office cleaning service can take care of the cleaning tasks, so you can get back to what really matters.

2. Illnesses Spread Quickly in Your Company

You might notice the dirt on the floor and the dust on the shelves, but what you can’t see are the germs spreading throughout your office.

Are your employees calling in sick one after another? Are you losing out on productivity because illnesses keep spreading among your workforce? This is a telltale sign it’s time to invest in professional office cleaning.

If you’re cleaning the office yourself (or having employees do so), you’re likely rushing through the process and cutting corners. You might not think to clean doorknobs, the buttons on the photocopier, or the door on the refrigerator—all of the places germs are sure to spread from employee to employee.

To eliminate bacteria and viruses, and keep your workforce healthy, hire professional office cleaners. Your employees will thank you.

3. Your Equipment Is Malfunctioning

OK, so maybe the photocopier is always broken. But what you might not have considered is that much of your office equipment might be malfunctioning because your office is dirty. Over time, dust and dirt can clog the fan inlets that enable electronic equipment to work properly. They start to overheat and eventually break down.

With regular maintenance and cleaning, you can make sure your office computers, printers, copiers, and other equipment are in great shape for years to come.

4. You’re Embarrassed to Invite Clients to Your Office

This is a big sign, one you might be too embarrassed to admit to. But think about it: Do you always ask to meet clients at their offices or in coffee shops? If so, do you think it’s because you’re ashamed of your office environment?

This shouldn’t be the case. And you shouldn’t be getting bad social media reviews due to the cleanliness of your office either. You certainly shouldn’t be losing clients over a bad first impression of your workplace. It’s difficult to fix a bad first impression, so make sure your office is clean and tidy so all of your invited guests can focus on your business offerings, rather than the dirt and mess in your office.

5. You’re Distracted by the Mess

It’s a fact: People are more productive in clean spaces. A cluttered or messy office can force you and your employees to lose focus. It can decrease your productivity without you even realizing it’s happening.

Keep the office clean, tidy, and organized with professional cleaning services, so you can concentrate on the tasks at hand.