6 People Share How To Successfully Lose 30+ Lbs


Battling with weight issues? Learn from these famous personalities who are now reaping the rewards of discipline and hard work: flaunt-worthy, fit bodies.


Jordin Sparks

resource: http://starschanges.com/

The 27-year old American Idol winner who lost 50 lbs in 18 months said: “The key was finding exercises I enjoyed. If you don’t, you won’t stick with it.”


Alec Baldwin


resource: http://celebrityweightlossreporter.com

Now 53, Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin dropped 30 lbs in four months by engaging in Pilates and Spinning. He also gave up sugar, which he said was “truly a battle.”


Jennifer Hudson

resource: http://maggiesdoughnuts.com/

The 36-year-old award-winning actress and singer swapped oily food for fibrous and protein-rich options and became a regular at the gym. She lost 60 lbs as a result.


Tyra Banks

resource: http://celebrityweightloss.com/

The 43-year-old top model dropped 30 lbs in just 5 months through her Paleo diet and by doing high intensity interval training routines.


Kelly Osbourne

resource: http://indiglamour.com/

At 32, host and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne hates diet food and instead made better food choices and adopted portion control eating. She lost over 50 lbs.


Jonah Hill

resource: https://aolcdn.com/

By sticking to his nutritionist’s advice on food choices and eating mainly Japanese food, the 33-year-old funnyman made jaws drop with his dramatic 40-lbs weight loss.