7 Health Benefits of Purified Water

Water is a valuable resource that is needed to drink, bathe, clean, wash and cook with. Because it is used so often, making sure that the water coming out of your taps is vital. Leaving the water in your home unfiltered could mean a number of contaminants, viruses, and bacteria are making their way into your body each day.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue. Investing in a water purification system can keep the water in your home safe. Read below to see why all homeowners should install a water purification system today.

1. Better Taste and Smell

A water purification system works to remove all of the contaminates or chlorine in the water. When chlorine or other microbes end up in the water we drink or bathe in, it can cause leave a bad taste or smell. However, water purification will remove these from the water leaving you with only the cleanest, and freshest tasting water every time you turn on your taps.

2. Lead Removal

If there is lead in your water, chances are you do not know. That’s because lead cannot be seen, tasted or smelt once it is dissolved in water. Lead tends to make its way into water through old pipes and fixtures that eventually corrode, break down, and make their way into the water.

Ingesting this metal can have some devastating health effects on those that do drink it. Ingesting lead, or having it build up in the body can affect how the brain and nervous system of a person grows. This means pregnant women, children, and infants are the most at risk.

3. Protect Against Disease

The water that comes from the taps in your home could be carrying a number of microbes, organisms and bacteria. For example, tap water can contain chlorine or the E. Coli strain. Ingesting either of these in your drinking water can have damaging consequences on your health. Ingesting chlorine has been linked to increasing chances of contracting rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer.

4. Whole House Protection

When you get a water purification system installed at your home, you won’t need to worry about using a specific tap or filtered bottle to make sure your water is clean. That’s because the system can be installed to the entire home. Guaranteeing that every tap you visit carries contaminant free and healthy water.

5. Better Skin

With a water purification system, the water that you will be drinking is pure. Meaning, it is contaminated free and bacteria free. Unfiltered water can cause skin allergies, rashes or irritation if it contains chlorine or other skin irritating chemicals.

6. Safe for Everyone

The chemicals that end up in our water leave the most vulnerable members of society at risk for disease and illness. If you install a water purification system, you won’t have to worry.

Drinking purified water is better for pregnant women, young children, infants and the elderly. That’s because un-filtered water can contain lead which can cause developmental issues with mental or physical disabilities in growing individuals. But, a water purification system guarantees every member of your family is safe.

7. Time Saver

With a water purification system installed at your home you will no longer have to wait for the water from a single tap to sift through a filter. Waiting for this can be time consuming and annoying when you need to use it quickly. A purification system means your home will have a low maintenance solution to keeping safe.