7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Thanks to your feet, you able to stand up, to go where you want to go, and to stay active everyday. Your feet are working hard for you, and there are a lot of very simple things you can do to take good care of them.

1. Keep your feet clean

Of course, it’s important to wash your feet everyday. Wash them in warm water, using mild soap. When you are done, pat them dry with a towel. Don’t forget to dry between your toes!

Soaking your feet is a great way to take care of them, and it can also help you relax after a long day. However, be sure not to let them soak for more than 10 minutes.

2. Get rid of calluses

Take a good look at your feet to check if you have cracked skin, calluses, ingrown toenails, cuts, or blisters. If you notice any calluses under your feet, use a pumice stone to gently get rid of them. Be sure you are doing this while your feet are still wet.

3. Cut your toenails properly

Whether you are using nail clippers or scissors, cut your toenails straight across and make sure they are not shorter than the end of your toes. You can also file them with an emery board or a nail file.

4. Get a foot massage or a pedicure

Visiting a beauty salon to get a foot massage or a pedicure is an easy way to pamper your feet. Why not let a dedicated professional take good care of your tired feet? If the skin of your feet is still dry or cracked, use a moisturizing lotion. Be sure to remove the excess lotion from between your toes, as this is a place where bacteria will develop if there is excessive moisture.

5. Wear socks that will keep your feet dry

Wear comfortable socks that will help keep your feet dry, as this is a good way to fight bacteria. You should also change your socks everyday.

6. Wear shoes that fit your feet

You should also wear shoes that fit your feet. If your old shoes are no longer comfortable, it’s time to get new shoes.

7. Talk to your doctor if you notice something wrong

Finally, if your feet are painful or if you notice something wrong with them, be sure to talk to your doctor as soon as possible.