7 Things You Didn’t Know About Protein


Protein, the building blocks of life, is essential for our skin, muscles, bones, cartilage and blood. It is vital for weight loss and overall fitness. Here are 7 must-know facts about protein.


Protein increases metabolic rate.


The metabolic advantage from protein intake can raise your chances of weight loss success.


For optimal weight loss, protein must be consumed after a workout.

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A workout makes the body more sensitive to food, helping it maximize protein absorption.


Proteins from animal and plant sources are equally beneficial.


Protein that comes from various sources can be helpful in increasing muscle synthesis, particularly after a workout.


Excessive protein intake can result in weight gain.


While protein is essential for workout and weight loss, too much of it can give you the opposite result.


Protein deficiency causes health problems.


Hair fall, pale skin, skin rashes, headache and sleeplessness can result from protein deficiency.


Protein is effective in relieving stress.


Protein helps repair tissues damaged by stress and stabilizes blood sugar levels.


Protein helps the brain function better.



Protein-rich food helps create the chemicals needed for the brain to be healthy.