7 Ways To Prevent Anxiety From Messing Up Your Life

Anxiety attacks happen to a good number of us, leaving us unhappy and empty. Here are 7 tips to put a stop to this disorder and experience the bright side of life.


Take 30 belly-breaths.


resource: http://sky-doctors.pro/

Stress is a major cause of anxiety. Calm it down it by doing deep diaphragmatic breathing to calm you down.


Shift your focus of attention.

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If a specific problem triggers anxiety attacks, direct your mind away from it. Keep yourself busy with a hobby.



Live in the moment!


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Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of fear, particularly of the future. Keep your focus in the present and cherish the good things in it.


Get some rest and recreation.


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Never take pleasure for granted. Take a break, go on a long vacation, and be surrounded by those make you happy.


Get active.


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Exercise regularly. A cardiovascular workout such as a 60-minute brisk walk releases endorphins will reduce anxiety.


Get enough sleep.


resource: http://huffpost.com/

Many anxiety attacks are triggered by lack of sleep. Engage in a relaxing activity prior to bedtime to get a good night’s sleep.


Stay informed.


resource: http://seti-alliance.org

Little knowledge, as they say, is dangerous. Ask the experts or read good resources to get a clearer picture of the problem and learn the ways to manage it.