Anxiety attacks happen to a good number of us, leaving us unhappy and empty. Here are 7 tips to put a stop to this disorder and experience the bright side of life.


Take 30 belly-breaths.



Stress is a major cause of anxiety. Calm it down it by doing deep diaphragmatic breathing to calm you down.


Shift your focus of attention.


If a specific problem triggers anxiety attacks, direct your mind away from it. Keep yourself busy with a hobby.



Live in the moment!



Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of fear, particularly of the future. Keep your focus in the present and cherish the good things in it.


Get some rest and recreation.



Never take pleasure for granted. Take a break, go on a long vacation, and be surrounded by those make you happy.


Get active.



Exercise regularly. A cardiovascular workout such as a 60-minute brisk walk releases endorphins will reduce anxiety.


Get enough sleep.



Many anxiety attacks are triggered by lack of sleep. Engage in a relaxing activity prior to bedtime to get a good night’s sleep.


Stay informed.



Little knowledge, as they say, is dangerous. Ask the experts or read good resources to get a clearer picture of the problem and learn the ways to manage it.


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