8 Ways to Treat Yourself After A Bad Day

Tough day at school or work? People you counted on got you down? Don’t let it end that way. Here are well-deserved treats to help you turn things around.

Have a glass of wine. Or two.

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Wine releases endorphins—the happiness hormone. Take a pause and savor it.


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Eat the food you’ve been craving for. Treat yourself to a dessert; it’s not called comfort food for nothing.


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Stay in touch with your inner self! It will make you feel better.

Buy yourself something.

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Today isn’t the time to feel guilty about buying something you’ve always wanted. You deserve it.

Get a massage.

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Relax those tired muscles; you need them to get on track. Tomorrow is another day, as they say.

Watch a movie.

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Enjoy a feel-good flick that will help you feel much better.

Spend quality time with those who make you feel better.


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Keep your family and friends close; they’re more important than anything else.

Do something you love—and you’re good at.

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Bake, draw, paint or dance the bad day away.