How to Get Quality Sleep: 5 Design Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to relax.” These simple words are very powerful, when we look at our very busy lifestyles. We are so busy doing activities, we forget to do the one thing that helps our mind and body to rejuvenate themselves.

We forget to relax. This lack of relaxation affects our ability to be productive in other areas of our lives. An inviting and comfortable bedroom welcomes us to relax, and here are some recommendations to consider when designing an inviting and welcoming bedroom.

1. Size

Not all bedrooms are the same. Each has its own quirks and measurements are part of this quirkiness. It is best to measure the floors and walls prior to designing the bedroom ambiance. Make sure to measure any nooks and crannies, that may be utilized. By knowing the room’s dimensions, it will reduce the chances of the room looking too crowded; a crowded room may affect the inviting and welcoming ambiance that we are trying to create.

2. Colour and Style

Once we have the measurements, it is time to visualize how we see our bedroom. In this visualization, we need to consider the style and colour for our bedroom. Our bedroom can be contemporary, country and casual, modern or traditional. As for a colour scheme that will relax us, choose colours that are soft and soothing. These could be hues and shades of our favourite colours. It is also important that the colours and style enhance each other, so that they create the ambiance that we desire for an inviting and welcoming bedroom.

3. Quality

Purchasing quality pieces is an important part of creating an inviting and welcoming bedroom. Quality bedroom furniture will not only exude style and finesse, it will be durable and long lasting. Purchasing quality furniture is an investment in our well-being. Quality bedroom furniture is an investment not only in our well-being, but in our time management. Since quality furniture lasts longer than inexpensive furniture, we will be spending less time and money purchasing new replacement furniture.

4. Individuality

The most important part of creating an inviting and welcoming bedroom is to ensure that our individuality is strongly stated. Rules do not need to be followed so strictly. Rules can be bent gently to make sure that our individual identities are revealed in our surroundings, especially in our bedrooms.

5. Flow of Movement

Flow of Movement is one of the principles of art; it is used to create the look and feeling of action and to guide the viewer’s eye throughout the work of art. We desire the rooms in our home to be deemed works of art. This is especially true when we are looking at our bedrooms. We desire our bedrooms to move those who enter them. To create these looks and feelings of action, the arranging of furniture is critical. We want people to be able to not only move their eyes throughout the room, but our bodies. This flow of movement will help to create an inviting and welcoming bedroom, that will help us to be productive by encouraging us to relax.