3 Signs Your Elderly Parents Need Home Health Care

It can be tough to come to terms with the fact that your elderly parent is getting older. However, it is important to be realistic so that you can ensure that your mom or dad is getting the healthcare and assistance that he or she needs.

For example, now that your parent is getting older, it might be time to start looking into home health care from a nursing agency, whether your parent needs part-time assistance with things like cleaning and bathing or if he or she needs someone to be there full-time, around the clock.

These are a few signs that it might be time to start looking into this type of care for your parent.

1. Your Parent’s Doctor Has Suggested It

Has your parent’s doctor made any comments about the potential that your loved one needs home health care or some other type of assistance? If not, you might want to ask if this is something that you and your family need to look into. Your loved one’s doctor should be familiar with his or her health challenges and what type of help he or she might need because of them.

2. Your Loved One is Getting Forgetful

Sure, it might not be too out of line to lose your keys or forget something every now and then. However, if your elderly parent is starting to be more forgetful than ever, it could be an early sign of dementia. This can put your loved one’s health and safety at risk because a forgetful senior could forget to take his or her medication or might forget that the stove is turned on. In these situations, having a professional nearby can be very helpful.

3. Your Loved One is Falling a Lot

Falling can always put a person at risk of an injury. However, the risks can be even more serious for an older person who might have much more fragile bones. If your loved one has been taking tumbles, it’s not a bad idea to look into home health care. Then, someone will be there to help your loved one get around. Plus, there will be someone close by to assist your parent immediately in the event that he or she does fall.

As you can see, there are various signs that you can look for if you are trying to determine if your loved one needs home health care. This might not be an easy decision to make, but talking to your loved one’s doctor and interviewing a few home health care professionals can help you make the right choice.