4 Strange Stories About Braces

Unless you are terribly afraid of going to the dentist, there should be nothing strange or upsetting about visiting an orthodontist to get braces. We all want straight teeth and a beautiful smile, and for many of us, braces are the only solution to achieve this.

In some situations, however, braces are at the center of some weird and unusual stories. Here are 4 of them.

1. A young man has been wearing braces for 11 years

Any orthodontist will tell you that the time you will have to wear braces should vary between 18 months and 2 years. However, a few years ago, a young man living in Oregon sued his orthodontist because he made him wear his braces for 11 years.

The orthodontist apparently wanted to achieve great results for his patient, but the young man kept his braces for so long that he suffered from tooth decay and periodontal disease.

2. Braces are not only for humans

Did you know that pets could wear braces too? In 2016, an adorable dog named Wesley caught the attention of the internet when pictures of him with braces were posted online. Wesley looked happy, and his braces didn’t seem to bother him at all.

This joyful dog was wearing braces for health concerns; his teeth were crooked and prevented him from closing his mouth properly.

3. Some teenagers have tried to create do-it-yourself braces

In 2015, a dangerous trend started. Teenagers were posting videos on Youtube, teaching each other how to create do-it-yourself braces using plastic elastic hair bands, so they could straighten their teeth even if they couldn’t afford real braces.

As a result, some of them eventually damaged their gums, or even saw their teeth fall out. They have learned the hard way that only orthodontists should handle braces.

4. Colorful braces are now a fashion statement

While many people will try to hide their braces, going for tooth-colored braces, lingual braces or clear aligners, there are other people who think differently. Many teenagers and adults are now proud to display their braces and will even choose to decorate them with colorful bands and brackets.

Many braces color wheels can be found online, as well as suggestions of colors to choose for your braces. Braces can now celebrate holidays, sports teams, or simply the favorite colors of the person who wears them.